What are the different ways I can get my fundraiser noticed?

  • 31 October 2021
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How do we get this campaign noticed We have done everything TY


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@Jkrahn111 First, I see your fundraiser is off to a great start and you’ve already received over $1,000 in donations. Really impressive! 

Can you let me know what you’ve tried so far? I do have a few recommendations:

  1. Since you already have support from people in your network, posting an update (and regular, recurring updates) asking supporters to share your cause with everyone they know can help bring in some more support. You can learn more about what to include in an update post here: 


  2. You mention in your story, “We are hoping for $28,350, which will also cover the Go Fund Me fees.“ I would consider lowering your goal to something more attainable, like that amount of $28,000. Setting a smaller goal makes it easier to reach and it can make donors feel like their contribution is making a bigger impact. 
  3. Browse through our posts in the How to share category to discover new ways to share and ask for help. 
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Thank You Olivia,we really appreciate it!


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Thank you for this advice, I really needed this :)

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What can I do to make my goal achievable in two days?

Hi i started a gofundme page for my grand daughter on yesterday she wants to do competitive cheerleading I have shared her story on Facebook and Twitter and no response. What else can I do?

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@Undrea Armour Have you seen our post on how to raise funds without social media yet? Sending out texts, phone calls, or emails are some good alternative options to start with.


@TAMMY MOODY Two days is a really tight deadline and we want to make sure we’re setting the right expectations. Crowdfunding can be a process and a bit slow to build a network of those who support your cause.

I recommend continuing to share your current fundraiser (with those you know and trust, rather than creating a new one). Instead, post updates and make your deadline very clear for your donors. Also, try posting photos that are relevant to your cause, and emphasize how urgent and important this is to you. That may bring in some more support! 

Hi I recently made a account for my late Godson who passed at 14 due to a battle with cancer. How can I get his post noticed more to try and help the family more?

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@Marquis Davila Vega I’m really so sorry to hear that. I can see you’ve already received 10 donations, which is a really big accomplishment. A couple posts came to mind that might help:

  1. Other ways to share
  2. Tips for asking people to share your fundraiser

What methods have you used to share your fundraiser so far? Let us know if you have any other questions after reading through those tips and we can brainstorm some other options for sharing. 

Thank you for getting back to me so far I've shared through my Instagram Facebook and even on Snapchat I don't really have any other forms of social media. I've included in personal text messages also and also mention that even if those seeing the posts aren't able to share if they can just reshare the link to get it out to as many people as possible so that other people may have the opportunity to help if they can it would be appreciated. I was however trying to figure out how to download a QR code so that I may be able to attach it to a flyer with the picture and a brief description so that I can post it in places like libraries or shopping centers and whatnot but couldn't really figure out how to get the two together since it would just be the QR code itself downloaded.

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Hey @Marquis Davila Vega, it definitely sounds like you’re on the right track then. When you print out the QR code, you can attach it to your GoFundMe flyer as well as on posters, print it out on cards, or paste it into an email. 

Another thing I want to note is to be sure you’re posting frequent updates to keep supporters in the loop, and to ask your donors to share your cause too. You can learn more here about what to include in an update post: 


I want to help people in community with rides , especially veterans


Hello GoFundMe community,

Can someone take a look at my page and see what i am doing right or wrong please?

Also how I can build momentum ?

I am going to change my goal amount from $220,000 to $50,000


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