Why has no one seen my GoFundMe?

  • 17 November 2021
  • 3 replies

I posted 2 days ago and not one bit of help?? What am I doing wrong?

3 replies

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Hey Lois welcome to the community. Can I ask who you’ve shared it with so far, and how you’ve shared it? 

I shared it in FB and thru text...

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Hey @Lois Blanca Bischoff It’s important to share it during people’s active hours on Facebook. Facebook tailors the newsfeeds of their visitors, so if you can ask a couple of friends to like and comment on your post before you share it, it may help to surface your post on other people’s pages. I would also try tagging friends who you think would be particularly interested in helping. 


If you’re still not hearing from people, the next thing I would try is to call your friends and ask them about what they would do in your shoes. Perhaps they have some feedback for your fundraiser they can offer to make it more appealing to your general network. 

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