Any tips to make my gofundme achieve my goal?

  • 12 June 2022
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Hello everyone! I am new to the Community. . One of my closest friends had to beg me for 6 months before I allowed her to make my gofundme account. It's now been between 6 or 8 months since we started. She unfortunately lost her health battle and was called home by her creator. I made a promise to her that I would not give up on myself or my GFM page. This is not an easy thing to do. My whole life I hated asking for help and now this gofundme and the community are MY ONLY HELP! So my page is not doing well at all. I have a total of 4 donations and have earned $250. Does anyone in the community have any advice on how I can make this work so that I may at least earn a fraction of my goal? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! God Bless you all 🙏 💜

3 replies

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Hi @Marta Robinson, I would recommend shortening your update messages a bit, and posting them more frequently. Updates are a great way to keep donors informed and to ask them to help share your page with their own network of friends and family. Updates may help you gain some more momentum! And you can learn more about to what to include in those messages here: 


It might also help to recruit 1-3 friends or family members to help share your fundraiser, as having people advocate for your cause can be really effective. 

I am afraid that my deadlines come near and I haven’t archive not nearly half. I am in desperate need. Any more tips on how I can start to raised more donation? 

Thank you @Olivia, these are excellent tips. I appreciate the help!

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