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  • 13 February 2022
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I have had my GoFundMe page for 21 day's now and it shows that there has been no donations is there something else I go to to check and see if anyone funded?

3 replies

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Hey @Kristin Gatewood Your fundraiser should show whether you raised money directly on the campaign page. You can also receive notifications to your email or push notifications if you have the app, when someone donates. 


A common confusion with GoFundMe is that a campaign can be created and then people from all over search for fundraisers to give to. Although this can happen from time to time, most of your donations will usually come from your own network. This means that a good strategy is to actively reach out to friends, family, and other people you know to promote your fundraiser and ask for donations. 


Ok thanks I appreciate you happy baby day 

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Lots of resources for artists.  Grants just google assistance for artists.  Need help paying bills. Com  low income relief. Com salvation army and catholic charities and united way can help too and Commoncause.org gets you all senator representatives congress and governor they have all the information on help in your state 

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