Do you have advice for fundraising for education specifically?

  • 1 December 2021
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Hello, my husband and I decided to start a fundraiser to support our higher education efforts.  We have been together for 17 years and worked together for 17 years.  When I tell people this the often response is “oh I couldn’t do that”.  I understand when folks say this but it has always come easy for me as I am an identical twin.  We have now decided to go back to school to purse a career in Racial Equity for BIPOC individuals, especially in states like Vermont where we are living.  We have applied for Financial Aid but it seems we do not qualify for much.  I am writing to ask for any advice on raising money for education.  Any advice is welcomed. Thanks, Michael K. 

8 replies

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Hey @Michael Kintzbranch Love your fundraiser. Man, Vermont looks stunning!  


Before I jump in with some advice, would you mind walking me through what you’ve tried already in terms of sharing? 

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Thank you so much for making this question! I am struggling with a similar situation. I am currently a junior undergraduate and I got admitted to my dream school. After applying to a crazy amount of scholarships, and having no luck, I have only one month left to reach my goal and go to college. I have no idea how to make my fundraising stand out. I feel like causes like mine don’t get much attention :(

Hey @Michael Kintzbranch Love your fundraiser. Man, Vermont looks stunning!  


Before I jump in with some advice, would you mind walking me through what you’ve tried already in terms of sharing? 

I have filled out my required paperwork for financial aid. We have an appointment with a financial counselor on Monday.  I looked on our state’s site for scholarships and grants and we do not meet many of the requirements for applying.  Most were for high school seniors or graduates of a certain high school. We are hoping to get some guidance on Monday.

 I wish everyone on here nothing but hope an blessings love tori.

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@Michael Kintzbranch  To clarify, what ways have you tried to promote your fundraiser, if any? It’s okay if you haven’t started sharing it yet, I just want an idea of what you’ve tried so far, so I can try to give additional ideas.


@Maria Sulbaran Same goes for you, Maria. What you have tried so far in terms of promoting. The more specific you can be, the better. 

I shared it on a local discussion forum.  I took a break from social media over a month ago because it was becoming unhealthy for me. 

 None really but  some Facebook friends I have asked some coworker
but to afraid

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I feel you @Michael Kintzbranch I also got rid of a lot of my social media accounts recently. It’s important to keep care of your mental health when it comes to those things. 

Donations often come from people in your network. That could mean close friends, acquaintances, or even friends of friends. Social media is a tool to help promote it to those individuals who are on the outskirts of your network to draw their interest. If you still have access to your social media, it may be worth activating it again, just for the purpose of your fundraiser. Another option is to contact a close friend who has a similar network to you, and ask them to help you promote your page while it’s ongoing. 


There are still other ways to promote your page. You can share your fundraiser via text message, email, in person, or through a phone call.  When sharing via email, it’s helpful to have an attention grabbing headline, and some personalization to the email.  Writing for your reader is important.  We call that, “What’s in it for them.” 


Now you may be asking, what’s in it for them? I’m asking them for help! 


That’s why it’s helpful to focus on the benefits of their help. What will mean when they donate? What is the impact of their generosity? From what I read in your story,  it sounds like they will be helping someone from their own network to invest in themselves. Since you’re investing in a degree that will help the world, it’s a donation that keeps on giving. They’re donating towards their values, and you need to show how your fundraiser represents them. 






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