Does anyone have tips and advice to help get me through this journey?

Hi, I’m new to all this and I’m in desperate need to get a new car. My friends helped me make the GoFundMe page to help with donations for the rest of the money I will need. I’ve tried posting on social media and have tried to put the word out there. Ive had one donation so far but I just feel like maybe it’s not working and I’m feeling some what defeated. I’ve never done this before and was honestly very nervous about it. Does anyone have any tips or advice that could help me through this journey? 

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Hey @Bredayzia Vashae Bishop I would be happy to look over your fundraiser. 

Would you mind adding your fundraiser link to your Community profile, so we can take a peek and give some ideas? I also recommend uploading a profile photo, so we can get to know you a bit better. To add information to your community profile, just click your profile icon in the top right corner, and navigate to “settings.”

 From there, hit the “edit profile” button to add info on your profile page.

How do  i share the fundraiser link on here? this is all new to me. and i will add the picture. here is my fundraiser link.

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Hey @Bredayzia Vashae Bishop Thank you!

Here’s some recommendations for your fundraiser you can think about trying out: 

  1. If possible, I would replace your main image with one that includes your face. Humans are wired to look at faces, and faces we know pop out even more than faces we don’t. This will help you stand out on social media when you share your page.
  2. I might try to tweak your title to hook people a bit more. Something like, “Need a ride to survive.” or “Desperately need transportation.” “A ride for knowledge.”  

Your story is on point. You did a great job laying out the situation. If you wanted to add anything, I would talk to your audience about why school is so important to you and how it might improve your life.


After you make some changes, I recommend putting your focus on pushing your story out there via social media, texting, and email.

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