Has anyone had success posting flyers?

  • 1 February 2022
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I am going to print out flyers and post them locally. Has anyone had success posting flyers? Any tips on where to post them? 

4 replies

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This is a great question! I’m curious what the community’s experience has been with this particular sharing method. 


I’ve donated to a fundraiser that I saw on a flyer once, but it had already raised a couple of donations by the time I saw it, which helped build my trust for it. 

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I’ve posted up flyers in my neighborhood 2days ago and so far it hasn’t helped , however I will be posting it further out from where I live later on today and I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Hey @Julian Howard any update? We’re excited to hear how it went! 

Yes I was thinking about printing mine as well. Trying to find places that will allow it to be posted. So please let us know how it goes for you @Julian Howard 

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