• 1 August 2022
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Im someone who does not have a lot of social media. I only have Snapchat & Nextdoor. I’ve shared my link with both with not much help. Is there another way I can get noticed? I seen somewhere it said post fliers but, I’m not brave enough to do that. I’m thinking about giving up & just deleting my account. I’ve already had some people say rude things. But we really need the help. I’m so lost. Any advice helps! 

3 replies


Hi Angelique, I’m trying now to figure out new ways also. When I posted on Nextdoor they deleted it. Good Luck too us both 

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Hey @Angelique Latimore and @Schaun Kendrick I recommend trying Instagram Reels! Instagram is currently competing with TikTok so they’re incentivized to get people on the platform using that product. They’re pushing out content a lot further than other forms of media right now, so it’s worth a try if you can figure out a catchy way to tell your story. You could even try following some of the Instagram marketing influencers for tips on how to make an effective video. 


Ok! Thank you

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