How can I get more people interested in saving this cat? I only have till Thursday.

  • 21 December 2021
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How can I get people's attention in animal friendly communities? I've posted on all my social media pages and haven't had any luck and I only have until Thursday. Thank you

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Great question @Angela Borden! I would do a couple of things here to help little Lunar.

  1. Put the pressure on: I might say something like Lunar needs help by this Thursday in your title. This will make people realize they can’t wait to donate.
  2. Add a more engaging photo if you can. The current photo is pretty blurry, so I would try to upload a clearer image. Check out this article on choosing your fundraiser image here. 
  3. Add some formatting. Right now, the fundraiser is difficult to read since there are no paragraphs. I would try to create 2-3 paragraphs to make it easier on your readers. 
  4. Highlight what will happen if you don’t get the funds in time. You can do this by bolding the text.

For your sharing strategy, I would send DMs, text messages, and call people you know directly. Because of the short timeline, you will need to be very active and in people’s faces about this. Let them know that Lunar’s own life is at risk and you’re trying to save it. I think people will help if you can get in touch directly. You might want to be specific in your donation amount. Something like, I’m looking for $25 from each donor to help save this cat. That means you can calculate exactly how many donors you would need to succeed (18 people). 


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