How can I reach to more donors on GoFundMe?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hello everyone please i am new in the GofundMe i really need help on how to get Donors for my Dental medication, someone should please share with me.


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Hey @William Evans From what we’ve seen, most donors will come from your personal network. GoFundMe doesn’t usually attract donors that don’t have a connection to a fundraiser. Our organizers bring the donors to their page directly. 

This usually means, that your best bet is to fundraise through people you know, and people your friends know. 

If you’re sharing via social media, one tip we have is to list a call to action, or some sort of request for commentary, so people can engage with your post. 

I can see this now but it’s hard trying to get funded from strangers and people you know especially when you get judged all the time I’m just going to delete my request for help ain’t no way I’m posting or sending text to my so called friends and family . My anxiety won’t let me I feel guilty by doing it and in my community they just judged and talk about you but won’t help or share. Im going through a faze I was a victim of a  sexual assault im already humiliated and definitely don’t won’t my accuser to find me ! Good luck and thanks for helpful comments

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