How do I get donations if I don’t know anyone?

How do I get donations if I don’t know anyone?
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Fundraising through GoFundMe is a type of crowdfunding, which usually means that most people raise funds through their friends, family, and acquaintances.  However, there’s other ways to get people to support your cause if you don’t know anyone. It can be helpful to get creative with sharing, and to make sure your fundraiser is set up well.

Check out our post on how to write a fundraising story for more details on what to include. 

OK, so you’ve written your story - now what? 

  1. Share your fundraiser on local bulletin boards or businesses in your area. You can do this by printing out a poster from your GoFundMe page. The flier will include a link to your fundraiser, so anyone who comes across it can navigate to your page. 

  2. Make your own QR code and post it in places around your neighborhood. Learn how to create your own QR code in this Help Center article

  3. Contact local media. If you can, try reaching out to your local news outlet to ask for some help from your community. Check out this blog post for more on this.

  4. Network with other people. Get to know people in your community. Try to find people who can relate to your cause through events, Facebook, or Meetup groups in your area to see if you can find support there. 

  5. Try hashtags. Some people follow hashtags, so using them can draw new people to your page. Check out this blog post for how to create a fundraiser hashtag that inspires donations.

  6. Contact people you haven’t talked to in a while, like classmates, coworkers, or friends. 

  7. Design t-shirts. For some fundraisers, it can make sense to create shirts that say something like “Ask me about my fundraiser” to open up the opportunity to have a conversation with a stranger about your cause. 

  8. Reach out to organizations with similar causes to your own to see if they have resources for you, or if they can promote your page.

For more fundraising ideas, check out this blog post.


Any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Very helpful article and comments! I’ll be trying the QR code method as well as making cards! What a helpful and positive community. 

For those that don’t have social media an idea would be writing your go fund me info on the back of your car with car markers/pens… another would be printing out a QR code and placing it on the back of your car as well displayed for all who are behind you WILL SEE…. 

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Thank you for the tips and advice it was very much needed. 

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Put your GoFundMe page on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, send it to those in your contact, myspace, and commissioners in your area.

How can I print a poster from my GoFundMe page?

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You need a computer with a printer. Ask someone to help you print out the poster.

Sometimes, it’s not about Not knowing  anyone, it’s just you want to help someone secretly. So definitely, you’ll try to hide the fundraising about close people avoiding embarrassing the other party.

I have received donations through Facebook and Twitter keep trying.

What Facebook groups have you used?

Wow this really helped a lot. I didn't know there were bulletin boards or QR codes to use. Spreading the word isn't as daunting now. Thank you!

Hashtags are genius. I wished I would’ve noticed this sooner. Hopefully we’ll never have to do this again though.😊

I'm with you. I tried talking to friends and family and it did not work out. Is a little uncomfortable when you are in a type of family that don't support each other. If I had their support I would not be doing this. 

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