How do I make my GoFundMe go viral?

  • 18 December 2021
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I am not sure where else to post my gofundme for financial help I’ve posted on all my social medias but no one seems to want to help or share my link for me. I end up posting it to groups I’m apart of with a lot of backlash and then the groups removed my post. I was able to get some donations but now no one can see my post and Facebook restricted me and I really need financial help. I’ve been 3 weeks out of work due to contracting Covid 19 - my oxygen levels were dropping so I was admitted to the hospital for 10’days with pneumonia and drop in heart rate and oxygen. I currently have no funds coming in at the moment as it’s a waiting game for any assistance through the state/ please help I don’t know how to get my gofundme viral 

1 reply

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Hey @Amanda Peets A lot of fundraisers that have support fast usually have a support of a larger community like a church or a large workplace. If you don’t have access to those sorts of communities yourself, you might want to think about friends who do, who might be able to share your fundraiser on your behalf. I would then spend time writing up a personalized message to that friend to see if you can inspire them to help you spread the word further. 

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