How do you ask people to share your GoFundMe

  • 28 July 2022
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How do you ask people to share your GoFundMe
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Fundraising on GoFundMe relies heavily on sharing your campaign. One way to supercharge this strategy is to ask your friends to help spread the word.   

Try asking for shares before asking for donations

It may be counterintuitive, but try switching your initial “ask” to a share request instead of a donation request.  

Studies on charitable giving show that the act of participating in a non-transactional way, like through volunteering, increases the likelihood of a donation. On a GoFundMe campaign, fundraiser shares are a great way to mimic the way “volunteering” can make people feel. 

The best part is, you could potentially raise 3x the amount of what you raised, compared to people who don’t encourage sharing. 

Ask friends to include a personal message 

Encourage your friends to include a personal message along with their fundraiser share. This can help build empathy with their friends who might not know you directly. If they’re not sure what to write, you can always create one on their behalf. For more tips on effective sharing, check out the Quality over Quantity: How to share effectively blog post. 

End your share request with gratitude or a personal touch

Helping others feels good, so give them a little taste by sharing your gratitude at the end of your request. Let them know what their support means to you, so they can connect with the positive feeling of giving back.


Have you shared someone else’s fundraiser before? What inspired you to spread the word?


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