How to ask the community to share my GoFundMe

  • 17 June 2022
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I've never done this before. Plus I'm not technically savvy.  But my son Nicks AAU basketball team are going to the US Boys Amateur National Championship in Knoxville Tennessee.  So I made him one. He's worked extremely hard and I want him to have the opportunity to compete at a national level.  He's 13yrs old going into 7th grade and He's 6'3. He's on the A-B honor role as well. He's a amazing young man.. How do I get strangers to either share it or donate? 


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Hey @Kylie Smith The community is made up of other organizers, so the primary purpose is to exchange tips, advice, encouragement, or fundraising stories. Because of that, posts asking for shares or donations will be removed. 

Here’s some examples of good posts topics: 

  • Is anything missing from my story? 
  • What are ways I can be sure my fundraiser has been seen by everyone in my network?
  • What are creative fundraising ideas that I can try that makes sense for my cause? 

Regarding your second question about getting strangers to share or donate, the best way to do this is to ask your friends to share to their own network, which may contain people you do not know. You can also try posting to NextDoor or leaving flyers around your community. Finally, you could try sharing to local media to see if they can promote your story on the radio or online media. I recommend checking out this post that has more ideas:


From what we see with crowdfunding, most donations tend to come from your friends, family, and acquaintances. The most successful fundraisers are great about regular, quality promotion to their network to spread the word to their wider community. 

If any other community members have ideas other than the ones I’ve shared, please be sure to add them below. We want to hear from you! 

i am a senior many of my friends and family have passed on im alone in the world i have no one to help with my fundraiser, am i a lost cause?

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ive had no luvk on mine and have shared online and just dont know what else to do

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