How to get noticed without social media

How to get noticed without social media
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Crowdfunding often relies heavily on your social connections, but fundraising without social media is certainly still possible. In fact, a lot of people actually find success by using these direct methods of sharing instead. Here’s some alternative ways to share if you don’t have social media.

Text messages

Many people find success by sending a text message individually to each person as a one-on-one conversation rather than a group text. Try using a template for your essential message, but shape it to each individual. It should be clear to recipients that you’re reaching out to them personally. Remember to offer different ways to support you, like sharing your fundraiser over social networks, donating, or both!  

Phone calls

This is a great way to connect with friends and family who may not be local. Before reaching out to your list of contacts, try creating a script or jot down the main points of your cause you want to get across. Why is it important to you? What is needed and how will your donations be used? By making your cause feel personal to whoever you’re calling, you could persuade more people to support you because they feel like part of your cause as well.


Emails are another great opportunity to share your fundraiser with a personal touch. Similar to a letter, they make it easier to go into a bit more detail, which can help persuade any readers on the fence. You can also get creative with the subject line to intrigue people about your cause.  For some ideas of what to say, check out this fundraising email template.  

Ask a friend to share online

Try to identify any friends who have a following on social media, and ask if they would be open to sharing your fundraiser on your behalf.  To help them keep track of how much they’ve raised, you can also add them as a team member to your page.

Hang posters or hand out flyers

Use GoFundMe’s print a poster feature, to post your fundraiser in places around your neighborhood.  The flier will include a link to your fundraiser, so anyone who comes across it can navigate to your page. 

Handwrite a letter 

One way to make your first donors feel special is by writing them a personalized note with your fundraiser link and leaving it in their mailbox. Since writing notes can take time, this strategy is great to use at the beginning of your campaign to kick start your effort.  

Seek out a community

Relationships are at the heart of fundraising, so it may be worth getting to know more people in your area if you’re having trouble finding donors.  Local Facebook or Meetup groups, religious organizations, sports clubs, and some online communities can be a great way to start building a community for your cause. 


What are some other methods you’ve used to share outside of social media? Any creative tips for those who feel stuck?

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Friends are minimal, as well as family. Finding one to assist you in possibly becoming successful is rare, even for something as simple as sharing a link. So, what is another way for my story to get exposure? Does anyone know? 

Thank You for the information 

good afternoon everyone my name is Sean and Im a 54 yr old man with very few friends and no social media presence at al Facebook, Twitter, Myspace none never been to keen on the social media thing been kinda private, guess its coming back to bite me because now I need help and can't get noticed, my Boy Blu (American Staffordshire Terrier) has a huge cyst on his side and we are on our way to the vet tomorrow and I am terrified at what the cost is gonna be as I am on short term disability which is really no income, any suggestions.

Hello my name is Cecilia kirkham and I am new to all of this . I also have a go fund me page and am trying to reach out for help and more understanding about it . I appreciate your link and story as we have 2 dogs a Yorkie and a German shepherd husky mix and they are our world . I hope the visit goes well and you will be blessed for the love you give to your pup . Please keep me posted if there is anything I can do . I may know of a few very affordable places that may help . Let me check them out for you and I will keep you posted.  May God bless you and your family . 

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