How to raise money for a Disaster

  • 8 January 2022
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So I posted a fundraiser for my husband an I, and our furr babies. I'm new to this site and unsure how it works. Hopefully it works, due to this being my last resort for a helping hand. I heard of this site through a friend. And unfortunately our home caught fire and burnt down Christmas Eve. 💔

3 replies

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I’m so sorry about what brings you to GoFundMe @ALISHA REDCROW-MEYETTE. Thanks for turning to the community for some help.

Can you let me know what you’re confused about when it comes to GoFundMe and sharing, specifically? This recent post might be a good place to start: 



Hello, fairly new to GoFundMe. Came here asking for help with my photography business that i am soon to loose. How do I reach more than just my online social communities? Or properly post the like in fb or my insta stories? 

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Nonprofits in your local area may help with sharing. I see GoFundMes on the local news a lot when people lose their homes to fires.

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