How to share my go fund me page

  • 11 November 2021
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im am trying to share my go fund me page for my 10 year old step son that is on life support we have had to leave the hospital and come home do to his daddy being out of work we are at the point where we are 38 miles from him and have other children to take care it has been really had on us all we are trying to have funds to eat and gas to get to his back and fourth to the hospital with him so far we had no luck with are go fund me page thank and god bless you his step momma

1 reply

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Hey @Heather Baugher To share your GoFundMe, you will just need to click “Share” from your fundraiser manager in your account. That will allow you to send your fundraiser to your email contacts, social media, or even allow you to print a poster.


The community does not allow for sharing or soliciting donations. It’s main purpose is for exchanging ideas, or strategies with other organizers currently fundraising. 

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