I didn't think it would be so difficult without social media.

  • 10 December 2021
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While I didn’t think my Gofundme would go viral or anything, I never realized how difficult it can be for first timers. I am actually surprised I got this fund raiser going, but how can I get the word out? Any suggestions would be helpful. I thought trying to send the link and related information via E-mail would be helpful, but obviously it’s not as effective as Social Media. Thanks all!



2 replies

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Hey @Marc Valenzuela, I think a lot of people in the community can agree with you on this one. It’s tough to get the word out without a social network, but definitely still possible. 

Have you seen our post on how to get noticed without social media yet? Or other ways to share? Additionally, I’d recommend contacting 1-2 friends or family members who can help advocate for your cause. Think about the people closest to you in your life, who could potentially feel some ownership of the campaign due to their relationship to you. Those are the people you should reach out to first to ask for help. If possible, call or speak to them in person to share the meaning of their support. Hopefully, if they're enthusiastic, they might even be willing to share your fundraiser with their own social networks. 

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Yes, this task is a true learning experience In so many ways...You learn that asking those who u think are closest to you...would come through....It hasn't happened ed for me...so far....U learn that people can be very selfish....it's them...when they need something....but god forbid they should come through for u when u need them....Selfish and judgmental....the worst attributes in people....thanks to the Grinches of this world....Buhhhhummbug to them

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