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  • 25 January 2022
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Good evening I honestly didnt know where else to turn to with the help of family an transportation & God brought me here, I made account, didn't finish, then came back over the weekend finished an got my link https://gofund.me/627e5143. That's not the hard part the hard part is not knowing how to networking as fast an my eviction court date is on tomorrow. But as a mother an being human no matter what you still try an don't give up any great tips on knowing how to network faster an also on how to become more social without feeling depress an wanting to hide your story because it brings you pain 

4 replies

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I am new too i know how hard it can be i started and still havent got at least 5 dollars im only 13 so i also dont have many social medias i also have depression ADHD and anxiety so i can understand pain

I feel you my campaign has been up for over a month. and nothing except scammers from Instagram asking for money to donate. lol like how are you going to offer $1000 but only if I send you $300 first

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Yes I've been scam an lost most of my funds just tryin to find help I'm trying to stay positive


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It seems as if we are all in the same position some people have it worse than others however we all have it! We just need a hand up not a handout! I’m praying for you all as we are one family United by Human kindness! I also have tried to get help until I get paid, work for the county  and have to wait a month to get paid and unfortunately I just don’t have $ for anything my family needs. I will continue to pray and call daily for help until God answers my prayers if possible. Take care everyone. Remember you are not alone.

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