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  • 20 January 2022
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I made a go fund me because my family and friends are not supporting me and they are not helpful people but I just read that most of the donations come from friends and family I have little friends and they are also trying to make it and my family aren’t helpful people. So how can I get help from people around the world I have little social media and I shared it on all my social media and my mom told me to take it down I emailed it to a few people and I also even sent it to people and told the to copy the link and send it to others and I still have zero dollars! I wish this could work

1 reply

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@Mariah Dosia I’d recommend checking out this similar post in the community for some tips: 

 Even if you know just 1-2 people that can help you spread the word by sharing your fundraiser on their own social media accounts, or within their own communities, that could make a big difference. 

Here’s a couple other posts with some helpful suggestions:


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