I need help raising funds

  • 2 June 2022
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I don't want to ask my friends for help.  I'm a little embarrassed that my health bills are overwhelming me.  How else can I raise funds?  But now when I go to the drs, I have to pay the deductible up front and I'm living paycheck to paycheck.  

Praying God blesses me with getting these health insurance bills paid and they find what's wrong with me.  Suggestions on how to raise funds would be greatly appreciated.  God bless

4 replies

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My best advice is follow the GoFundMe instructions on how to raise donations that will help your story. And share it on Facebook and ask your Facebook friends to share it to their page you shouldn't be ashamed to ask for money for doctor bills. Twitter is good don't forget about Tik-Tok I wish you the best.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for my mom’s birthday. Lately, funds have been tight. To the point where we have to sell our house. I want to throw my mom a birthday party for her 50th. From her mom passing away to this financial situation, my mom has been going through it. I’ve been posting my fundraiser all over social media however, I haven’t raised hardly anything. What can I do to raise more money before my mom’s birthday?



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Hey @Cheyenne Cotton I would check out this resource that goes over how to share in the most effective way to see if that helps - 


My husband passed away July 15th and I have acquired almost $100,000 in bills so far. I am going to be 72 next month and know I will not be able to pay them off in a lifetime. I need to spread the word farther to some of the charities that may be able to help with my problem. I have sent my go fund me to Face Book but my people are not able to help either. Where can I go with my information for help with my go fund me? His diagnosis was only April 25th he only lived a month and a half before passing.

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