I need some help to get donations. My fundraiser has been shared, but no donations have come in.

  • 10 November 2021
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I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing


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41 replies

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i’m in the same boat and it’s been 2 days i’m about to start writing my fundraiser url on the sidewalks in front of every store i go into and under it say plz donate in chalk maybe that will get the ball rolling and i’ve posted mines on reddit pinterest face book a couple facebook private groups i’m in and everything so if you find something that works plz lmk lol

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Im having trouble too hopefully we all get good news soon i figured if i set a low amount on the amount i want to raise it would be easier to achieve 

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I have been struggling even with not even having a first donation. Very discouraging and heartbreaking a little. 

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Our efforts are recognized in many ways, don’t give up hope! 👩‍👧🤝🌐

I also need help getting donations. Not sure how to get my fundraiser noticed.

I dont have a Facebook , tweeter account or any social media accounts. B u t i am desperate need of a vehicle to get to work and for my family. My car was repossessed recently and this is the first time i have been without a vehicle to move around in. You dont know how important something is. until you dont have it anymore. I am struggling to provide for my family since i dont. Have a vehical to go to work in. My car would get to and from jobs. Now i dont know what to do. 

I would be vary grateful for any help. I get. 

I thank you in advance for yoir help.

And god bless you


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Hey everyone in this thread! I’m happy to give some ideas since fundraising can be a bit overwhelming if it’s your first time.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Keep your story short and sweet. Talk about who you are, the situation you’re in, and why you need help now in a way that the best solution is for you to fundraise.
  2. Go into detail about how you arrived at your goal. Don’t just say, I need this for medical expenses. Say, this procedure costs this much (or whatever it is that you’re fundraising for). The more transparent you can be, the more people will trust your fundraiser.
  3. Photos are everything. I know, it can be hard to get a great photo with everything going on usually, but it’s important. Lighting is everything. Try to avoid over edited photos as well, since those might breed distrust. Make sure your own face is in it, or that of the person or animal you’re fundraising for. This will help the fundraiser stick out on social media.
  4. Start small. The next time you approach your close friend try to  hang out for fun, and if they ask how you are, you can let them know about your fundraiser. You can say that you’re looking for donations, feedback, or just any help that they think they can provide. Are they good with a camera? Ask for a great photo, are they great with grammar? Have them review your story. Fundraising is a great opportunity to bring people in closer, since vulnerability breeds trust and closeness.
  5. After you’ve raised at least 1-3 donations from your closest friends, you can start your social media or online strategy by sharing during prime hours. I would look up this time frame online, since its different depending on the platform. If you don’t have social media, you will need someone’s help with social media. You can also continue to fundraiser in person or via phone calls or text messages or emails. 
  6. Make your share posts fun, inspiring, or full of humor. Even if you’re fundraising for a difficult time, this is you harnessing energy to help yourself out of a situation.  Finding the humor can go a long way, and if you can share anecdotes, or laugh in your share messaging, it could drive more people to your page simply because it’s more engaging. This won’t work for all situations of course, but play with it to see what works the best. 
  7. Keep updating your fundraiser. This is the most overlooked part of fundraising, but it’s essential. People who donated want to know how the fundraiser is progressing. Tell them about your day, call out donors, or let them know about any developments in your story. 

If after that,  you’re still struggling to raise your first donation, I would reach out to your friends and try to find out if they have any ideas why. It’s possible your network has been tapped - sorry this does happen! It may be that people are saving for the holidays, or that they’re overwhelmed.  


I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing

is it anyway i can bring more attention to my fundraiser i have had it 1year no donations

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@Zed Hill I would recommend starting a brand new fundraiser to share with your network. That way, you can start fresh and the launch date will be renewed, too. Make sure to include a main image and a more descriptive story to share as well: 

Feel free to share it in our exchange fundraiser advice room after it’s created if you’d like some feedback. 

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Thank you. Great advice. I've been around posting the premade flyer they provide the template. I think people are overwhelmed by Christmas. I'll definitely take your advice a friend I had in high school recommend this an then we lost touch so I've kinda been lost. Thanks again God bless.

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I have been sharing and Updating my fundraiser. But no matter how much I try I have only had one person share it. I am on the verge of losing my children. I have help through CCP (Community Care Partners) but no one wants to wait the month it takes for the check to come in. They all want at least one month rent while waiting on the check. I am at my wits end. I am able to have to call DHS to take my babies into care. 

It sucks that here I am swallowing my pride to ask for help (something I have never done) and it is a bust. I am close to just closing it down and giving up. 


Hello, I’m Valerie. I was recently in a car accident. But I’m not injured. I’m okay. I just need help to save for a new car. I struggle getting to and from work. I’m trying to get my bills paid and it’s not easy. I also have a 6 year old son that has a birthday coming up, January 19. But I’m worried I won’t be able to give him what he needs. It’s getting harder to make ends meet. 

Hi guys my name is Jamie I'm 8 months pregnant and struggling to pay rent I contacted multiple agencies but I keep getting turned away my husband works full time but we are short still due to the holidays and all the other bills $500 I keep sharing but no money has come in this is my second time trying this so if you can share my story or give me some pointers that would be greatly appreciated thank you


I am struggling to get donations the reason i started the go fund me is because my friends and family were un able to help me. I have shared my link everywhere i could and i feel like in failing my kids

I’m struggling as well to get donations I need them to get off the streets I am currently homeless 

I have been trying to raise money for a place to lay my head. I have shared on every social media outlet I have an account with and I can't even get people to share on their pages. How can I reach people outside of my community?

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I’ve had no luck yet.

Who should I email?

I don’t know who to email and what to say

I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing

is it anyway i can bring more attention to my fundraiser i have had it 1year no donations

Thats disheartening, we really need help and mine has only been up for 3-4 days and only one person donated. Others only like the post on Facebook but not share 😔

i’ve been in the same situation, i had so many people share my fundraiser but not many donations 😞

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HI! I had one of my old sweet co workers share my story and it's been helping me alot try asking someone from a old job to help you or even your current job 

Here for the comments in need of help as well 

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Hey everyone! Fundraising is a skill, so it can take some time to get it right. There’s a couple of resources I wanted to share to see if they can help you with each of your fundraisers. 

  1. Start by making sure your fundraiser is as compelling as possible. I recommend checking out these resources and comparing them to your own fundraiser to see if you can implement any of the feedback to create a standout page creating a fundraising title, choosing an image, and writing an effective story.  If you want someone to review your page, you can create a post in the exchange fundraiser advice room and tag another active member in the community to review it. 
  2. Approach people individually for your first couple of donations.  This helps keep the transaction personalized, and will more likely result in a contribution or a share. 
  3. After you’ve got your first couple of donations, then start asking people to share. 

I hope some of these tips give you some actions you can try!  

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Hey everyone! I just made a tiktok video tryn to get my story out there I even put my link on my Instagram I know there is Facebook groups too I am in a whole bunch of them but there is alot of scammers too just gotta be careful...Im thinkn about doin fliers and posting them in the grocery stores the more exposure the better I feel like 

I'm in need of help as well..... people look at you funny when asking for help.

I don’t have any donations and everyone ignores my social media posts. It seems like this only works for people who already have a support system in place. But what about those of us who don’t? I don’t have friends or family to support me. :*(

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