I need some help to get donations. My fundraiser has been shared, but no donations have come in.

  • 10 November 2021
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I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing


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40 replies

I have been struggling even with not even having a first donation. Very discouraging and heartbreaking a little. 


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I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing

Same i have been dealing with the same thing im only 13 and i dont have much social medias

i.m giving up on this gofundme its been up for 2 days and alll i have got is $50.00 i don.t know what to do

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I need some help to get donations I've shared and people have shared I've just gotten nothing

This is what happend to me as well. But im taking some tips, getting my second wind, and doing a lil praying that it will get light of day. Goodluck to you!

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i.m giving up on this gofundme its been up for 2 days and alll i have got is $50.00 i don.t know what to do

You shouldnt give up. Thats not bad at all. People are helping you its not a over night thing for most of us. I wish you well though.

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Hey everyone in this thread! I’m happy to give some ideas since fundraising can be a bit overwhelming if it’s your first time.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Keep your story short and sweet. Talk about who you are, the situation you’re in, and why you need help now in a way that the best solution is for you to fundraise.
  2. Go into detail about how you arrived at your goal. Don’t just say, I need this for medical expenses. Say, this procedure costs this much (or whatever it is that you’re fundraising for). The more transparent you can be, the more people will trust your fundraiser.
  3. Photos are everything. I know, it can be hard to get a great photo with everything going on usually, but it’s important. Lighting is everything. Try to avoid over edited photos as well, since those might breed distrust. Make sure your own face is in it, or that of the person or animal you’re fundraising for. This will help the fundraiser stick out on social media.
  4. Start small. The next time you approach your close friend try to  hang out for fun, and if they ask how you are, you can let them know about your fundraiser. You can say that you’re looking for donations, feedback, or just any help that they think they can provide. Are they good with a camera? Ask for a great photo, are they great with grammar? Have them review your story. Fundraising is a great opportunity to bring people in closer, since vulnerability breeds trust and closeness.
  5. After you’ve raised at least 1-3 donations from your closest friends, you can start your social media or online strategy by sharing during prime hours. I would look up this time frame online, since its different depending on the platform. If you don’t have social media, you will need someone’s help with social media. You can also continue to fundraiser in person or via phone calls or text messages or emails. 
  6. Make your share posts fun, inspiring, or full of humor. Even if you’re fundraising for a difficult time, this is you harnessing energy to help yourself out of a situation.  Finding the humor can go a long way, and if you can share anecdotes, or laugh in your share messaging, it could drive more people to your page simply because it’s more engaging. This won’t work for all situations of course, but play with it to see what works the best. 
  7. Keep updating your fundraiser. This is the most overlooked part of fundraising, but it’s essential. People who donated want to know how the fundraiser is progressing. Tell them about your day, call out donors, or let them know about any developments in your story. 

If after that,  you’re still struggling to raise your first donation, I would reach out to your friends and try to find out if they have any ideas why. It’s possible your network has been tapped - sorry this does happen! It may be that people are saving for the holidays, or that they’re overwhelmed.  


amazing advice!!! I will be doing all this and more! So tytyty take care and best wishes to you and yours!

I’m definitely in the same boat right now. I’ve shared asked friends and family and nothing. It’s been over a month now and I just lost my job too so now I really need the funds.

I will keep praying; thanx for the great advice.

I know the feeling only received 10.00 so far but I will. Keep trying don't ever give up.. 

I would never imagine being in this situation in a million years

Hi Jules,


you say to make your posts fun and with humor. I would LOVE to do this, but how in my situation?

I am a caregiver for my parents. Should I like maybe, share a fun time that we had??


And oh, how to delete an update?

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@Kelley B Thanks for reaching out! I would love to help you with this. In your situation I think you could go down memory lane to show a bit about your parents and who they are. You could add humor from a funny moment that still makes you smile, or even share something that makes you think of them. I did look through your story and it seems like you’ve already accomplished that. 


One piece of feedback I have is to move the image underneath your main image, so that it’s below the story. That way it doesn’t hide what you wrote under the “Read more” button. 


You can find the steps to delete an update in this article. 



Just updated my page, thank you!!!!

Im having trouble too hopefully we all get good news soon i figured if i set a low amount on the amount i want to raise it would be easier to achieve 

 I posted my gofund me about 4 to 5 days ago and sent my link on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. No responses and I sent links to friends pages. No luck I hope my gofund me is set up right. My picture is up and I opened my pages for all public. Nothing and I'm in an emergency situation financially. My stress level and anxiety is wearing me down. 

I don’t have any donations and everyone ignores my social media posts. It seems like this only works for people who already have a support system in place. But what about those of us who don’t? I don’t have friends or family to support me. :*(

i am in the same situation and nothing so I'm not sure what to do at this point. I also looked at the time of these conversations and I see 7 or 8 months ago.

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