I Really Need Help and This is my 1st Ever GoFundMe

  • 21 December 2021
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Hi everyone, 

I’ve recently gone through 2 spinal surgeries and my insurance is fighting back a lot of charges...and as you can imagine I couldn’t work for a while...I guess I’m in need of advice on how to get my GoFundMe out there because I’m not having much luck...and I really need the help..

Thank you

3 replies

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Hi @Priscilla Lopez - welcome to the community. What methods for spreading the word about your cause have you tried so far? 

@Olivia I’ve tried just putting it on my FB and Instagram stories..

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@Priscilla Lopez Since stories disappear after 24 hours, I would recommend making your donation requests posts as well as stories.That way, someone can access your request whenever they want, and they’ll have the ability to share your post with anyone they want as well. Once you have those posted, you can share the posts on your stories to remind people about your fundraiser. Hopefully that makes sense! And, have you seen these posts for some more ideas on how to share offline?



Also, since you’ve already gotten a few donations (which is awesome), don’t forget to post updates thanking donors, giving them any necessary updates to keep them in the loop, and also asking them to share your page with their own social networks as well. A share can go just as far as a donation.


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