Losing Hope

  • 3 August 2022
  • 3 replies

It's getting really discouraging when you have sent the link to literally everyone you know and absolutely no one except your best friend and little brother make donations. Even my parents and immediate family just blatantly ignore me, (not that they ever really cared about me anyway). I'm worried I won't get my car back at this point.

3 replies


It’s very disappointing. I know the feeling 

I know the feeling, I had to make a GoFundMe jn order to get beds for my kids because I’ve asked my family and got a bunch of excuses, didn’t even ask for anything for myself just my kids but they’re the first ones to say how important family is...

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From my personal experience, acquaintances can sometimes be the best option for promoting your page. Coworkers, classmates, and people at the gym are all good candidates to share your page with. You could also try hanging flyers around your neighborhood to get the word out. 

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