Need tips for sharing .feeling overwhelmed and a little depressed

  • 16 June 2022
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I did a gofund me because my kids and I are being kicked out of our home again and need help with deposit money to get into a place we have section 8 but they are a process and I'm so scared because I have no family here I'm in the middle of a separation from an abusive ex husband whom is now roaming the streets of Louisville so it's not safe for me and the kids to be out there but because I was in that relationship for almost 2 decades I don't have many contacts or friends the ones I did have he drove away so my audience isn't large I had a lot of people give and I'm almost there I just need a lil more help,what can I do?

2 replies

Badge +1 gets you all senator representatives congress and governor they have all the information on help in your state  salvation army catholic charities and united way can help too  low income relief. Com  need help paying bills. Com good luck 

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