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  • 12 January 2022
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Hello I wanted to know how can I continue trying to raise without social networks I am not on social media and with my health issues I don't have alot of time or energy for social media and keeping up with it what can I do.

3 replies

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@Nicole.H, I do not do social media either but there are still ways you can get the word out.  You can try copying and pasting the link into a text message and sending it to people in your contacts.  Similarly you can do this with email.  You didn’t link your fundraiser so i dont know the topic or situation but perhaps you can ask a friend or family member that might have social media to help.  You can invite them to be part of your fundraising team.  I’m very new to this too but I found success on the NextDoor app.  Do you have it?  If not you might consider downloading it.  Where it differs from social media is that you’ll have a built in following of neighbors.  You won’t need to get followers or friends as everyone in your neighborhood will see your post.  Share the link and copy your message there and I think you’ll find some luck.  Also I’ve noticed that GofundMe staff have a lot of good tips about writing and formatting your fundraiser’s and messaging.  If you share your link in this discussion maybe @Jules or @Olivia can give you some good advice.

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Thanks so much for that solid advice @Tim Scheer.

@Nicole.H let us know if you’d like us to take a look at your fundraiser and be sure to share the link in your next reply!

Thank you so much for the advise and sorry for the late reply I have been in the hospital  but I will take the advise and download the app the link to my fundraiser is Thank you all for the support.

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