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  • 8 June 2022
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Hi All,

Which strategies do you use to get donations. My son was invited to a camp for baseball training and I have been having a hard time raising the funds needed. Please Help 

3 replies

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Wow, great job on this fundraiser. I love that you had Rhyan write it. It definitely feels very authentic and inspirational.  The only thing I might tweak is the title to be a bit more descriptive. Something like, “Help get Rhyan to baseball camp,” “Let’s make Rhyan’s baseball dreams a reality,” “Help invest in Rhyan’s baseball career,” or “Help send Rhyan to a baseball camp.”

If you have any short videos of him playing baseball, I would definitely add those in! It will help make the page more dynamic and compelling. 

As for raising funds, you’ve done a great job so far.  It’s definitely a bit of a marathon, but it’s helpful to help people understand the bigger picture and the vision of what this campaign means for Rhyne, and what their help means for his future. You can explain this in the way you share your posts, via emails, text messages, and phone calls. Making sure to do quality sharing, regularly, is the basic strategy for raising funds! You can also each month as your previous donors to give, similar to a recurring donation for a charity. 










I appreciate your feedback. I will definitely make the change.

I appreciate your feedback. I will definitely make the change.

Its very difficult

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