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  • 14 June 2022
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I really need someone to spread the word about my fundraiser. It seems people would only help if money was involved. I posted on my social networks still no response. Should I use craigslist and how much is a reasonable fee to pay?

2 replies

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I would definitely try GoFundMe and Tik-Tok and Twitter and ask your friends to post on their page and their friends to post on their page and just keep posting on Facebook because so many people post on Facebook so you need to keep that going. That is the only advice I know of on Craigslist I think it's best that you are selling something. I hope that helped some good luck to you I am still trying to raise money for my service dog Kirby if you're on Facebook I'm sure you will see his post from my page.

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@Veronda Spiller I don’t recommend resorting to Craigslist for this. We have lots of great resources that’ll tell you how to share and for free!

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