Quality over Quantity: How to share effectively

  • 3 August 2022
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Quality over Quantity: How to share effectively
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Sharing your fundraiser with others is essential to get the word out. What’s even more important, is how you share it, and who you share it with. 

Sharing can be a process – one that involves time and effort to make it work. Posting your link repeatedly without any extra information can be seen as spam, and may turn away donors from helping. 

When sharing, it’s important to ask things like, Where can my friends and family easily see my fundraiser? What messaging can I use to persuade people to help?  How can I make it easier for friends to share my cause? 

Try out these methods when sharing your link:

  1. Share your fundraiser link across the social media platforms you use regularly. Are most of your friends and family members active on Instagram? What about Facebook? Be sure to share the link across those platforms consistently. 

  2. Share your link a few times a week with a different message or update each time. Posting consistent updates on your fundraiser will help keep your donors in the loop. Providing those updates will raise awareness and will remind your supporters that you’re still in need of support. Here’s some more information on what to include in those update posts. 

  3. If your friends and family can’t donate, ask them to share your fundraiser insteadThe messaging you include along with your link is important, because it can give potential supporters the information they need in order to want to help. And, a share can be just as effective as a donation - it’ll spread the word about your cause outside of your own community to bring in more support. 

  4. If you don’t have friends or family to share with, or you don’t have social media accounts, try asking for support from organizations or communities with a cause similar to yours. Raising money for a pet? Try posting flyers with your link at your local shelter or a pet day care center. For more tips, check out our discussions about sharing without social media and other ways to share.

What are your other tips for sharing your fundraiser? What’s been the most effective way for you to get donations?

4 replies

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Thank you for this information. I agree. And it does take a lot of strategizing! 

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Like many people I don’t use social media and don’t like their software installed on my computer. Is there other places that can be used to post your fund raiser. When I came here I was under the impression that this site actually helped you raise funds. 

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I've printed off my information on here and sent them to churches and other businesses in my area( I included multiple copies and asked for them to share with others on my behalf. I haven't received any responses yet but hoping I will get some sort of responses. Any other ideas I can try would be greatly appreciated. 

i just joined not too long ago, and this post seemed very helpful.

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