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We are having issues with our transfer and can’t figure out the problem. We submitted our bank info but the transfer has not gone thru. When I choose Edit Bank Account, it throws me back to a previous page and will not let me in to see the bank info or to change it in any way. I am beyond frustrated. I’ve done the chat with no success. I put in a ticket for help but no one is contacting me. We have a major medical procedure coming up in two weeks across the country and need to get things in order but can’t until the money is transferred. I don’t know what else to do. 

any help is appreciated!  I need to get this resolved asap. 

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Leeken, Have you accessed money from the fundraiser previously or is this the first time trying to access the funds? Also are you using the app or the online site? Is there a phone number that you can call & actually speak to someone? I'm wondering if maybe a number was put in wrong by accident & GoFundMe is waiting for a rejection from the bank? Sometimes it can take days for that to happen. Also wondering if your bank account is in the same name the GoFundMe is in. Have you received a beneficiary authorization email? Did you have to enter your tax ID number? Just trying to think of some things that may be the cause for the delay. I hope you find a resolution soon & praying for your medical procedure. 



I found this link to change the bank information. Hope it helps.



Have you checked with your bank to see if they have verified/authorized the funds to be transferred? They should be able to tell you. I'm just trying to think of things to check. How many days has it been since you entered your bank information? 



This is our first time. I’ve tried the app and online (using both laptop and phone). I can’t get into the bank account info any way. It’s like there’s a glitch. It’s been over a week. I cannot find a phone number to call. I did the chat and they submitted a ticket. That was three days ago. 


Try the link I sent you. Here it is again. Also did you create the GoFundMe account or someone else?

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@Leeken I’m really sorry for the delay– our customer care team is working hard to catch up on requests but I just sent your issue over to the team to have this escalated. They should be in touch shortly. Please look out for a response from them on both emails you used to set up the account and the one you sent a beneficiary invitation to. 

I can honestly say I’ve never dealt with a company with such terrible communication. I “talked” with someone via email who couldn’t help me. He escalated it to someone else. After two days, someone else reached out and asked for a couple things to verify our ID. That person has since stopped communicating and the email box is not monitored so no one responds. We are 11 days from leaving to drive 1100 miles and cannot access  our money. I’m beyond frustrated. 

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Hi @Leeken I’m really sorry for the frustration here. It sounds like there might be an issue with your documentation and married versus unmarried name. I see our team sent you a response early this morning and you replied a few minutes ago. I’ve chatted to the team about this, and if it’s just a married name issue, it should be able to be resolved quickly. 

I resubmitted the documents they asked for a bit ago 

It’s been another 48 hours and this is still not resolved. 

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