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  • 30 December 2021
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Hi how is everyone doing? I am not a big social media person. I have been using it lately. Twitter is kinda  hard to promote my fundraiser when I don’t have any followers. I have tried to follow people and organizations that talk about Dog Cancer. Tried reaching out also, but no luck.,

Any suggestions?






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You bring up a great thing to keep in mind @Misty Mears. Social media is best used as a tool once you have built up a bit of an audience, but it doesn’t serve as much of a purpose if you don’t have followers yet. 


If you’re not big on social media, or if you’re new, I recommend asking a friend who is big on social media to be your “online” sharer. You can then pursue donations in person, via phone call, by text, or through email. Your friend can then spread the word online to people whose contact information isn’t in your phone. 

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