What are some other successful ways to raise money?

I have some great people in my support group who are looking for other unique ways to raise money. 


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Try Homemade crafts. Selling them on Facebook market. I do well with jars of fairies. Get a mason jar, paint the inside a dark thin color such a a thin coat of navy, find a shadow cut out of a fairy, tape it to the jar inside, fill the bottom part with green easter grass, turn an electric tea candle on, put it inside, put the jar lid on, and tie a ribbon around the lid. They're amazing nightlights. 

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 It may be a good idea to host a small gathering to get your closest people in your life involved in your fundraiser. For example, they can help you post flyers around your neighborhood, or share to their Facebook networks. I would also check out this post that has a lot of different fundraising methods. 

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