What do you guys think has helped your GoFundMe gain views and donations?

  • 18 December 2021
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Hey! My name is Khaden and last night I was in a pretty serious car crash that completely totaled my car and left me with a couple injuries as well. I do have insurance but specifically I do not have collision which means I wont be getting any money from my car at all. I need a car to go to work and school which are both quite out of the way. I am wondering what you guys have found helped your go fund mes to grow and what I could possibly do to raise money to get myself a new car.

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I’m so sorry to hear that @Khaden Lower - sharing is usually the #1 way to spread the word about your cause. I also see you mention that you’ll be updating people on your journey via TikTok, but I would suggest that you also post updates and ask donors to contribute or share directly on your fundraiser as well. Keeping everything in one place should make it easier for people to donate towards your cause, and will remind them to share your page if they can’t donate themselves. 

Do you also have 1-2 friends or family members that can help share your page with their own social media accounts and connections offline? That’ll help spread the word even further. You can check out these posts for more ideas as well:


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