What’s your best tip for a newbie fundraiser?

  • 14 June 2022
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I’ve had to crowdfund to raise money for cancer, minor back surgery and to kickstart a business. 

I started helping other people in my online community and it made a big difference, working together. So that’s my biggest tip. 

some others 

  • Partner with someone you trust, who has the same level of visibility problem? & boost each other. It’s so much easier to promote someone else.
  • Share your fundraiser more often - but to balance it out, share more helpful content on social too. Only a small portion of people see each social post.
  • Send friends prewritten content to share. If you make it cut and paste easy, it’s hard for them to say no. Vary the text though. 

I did three hours of these tips for my community,. Please share yours, even if you think it’s super obvious,

1 reply

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I agree post often on Facebook and your friends page and ask your friends to post on their friends page. I also use Twitter and Tik-Tok. I'm running out of time my service dog need surgery for a meniscus tear on his rear leg he needs a specialist because he weighs 223 lb and it will cost $5,000 I have only rays almost 2,000 so I'm looking into other websites but be careful because they will charge you and sometimes it's not worth it. Good luck to you I wish you well

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