What to include in an update post

  • 3 August 2022
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What to include in an update post
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Updates are an important part of the fundraising process. Your donors want to hear about the impact their donations make, and to stay in the loop on new developments with your cause. They’re a great way to recognize people who have contributed, or to show gratitude for how far you’ve come. Taking advantage of the update feature to ask for additional donations and shares may even help your fundraiser gain some extra momentum. 

Here’s a few different update messaging strategies worth trying:

  • Calls to action (share requests, donation requests, or resource requests)
  • Ask donors a question and let them know they can follow up privately through the “Contact” button or publicly by donating $5 and commenting their answer
  • Milestones (include photos and videos if you can)
  • Call out the weekly top supporters through updates
  • Update donors when you receive a deposit of the funds, so they know their money is safe

You can learn more tips about writing a fundraiser update here. 

What about you– have you posted an update lately? What type of update did you do?

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