How can I make it better?

  • 17 November 2021
  • 2 replies

hello everyone!

I just need some feedback on my gofundme to see how can i make it better 

thank you


2 replies

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Hey @Erva Gidrislioglu You did a great job breaking down your situation, but I recommend switching out that main photo, with one of your face. A photo with a watermark is less trustworthy and won’t stick out when shared to social media. I would also clarify why your name listed as the organizer is different than how you introduce yourself.


Finally, I would ask your closest friends to kick off your page with a small donation. It may help you to be specific with them if they’re unsure how much to give. For example, instead of broadly asking for money, you could ask for $15 to help you gain traction on your page. 

Hello Jules, thank you so much for the feedback I used my middle name but I just changed it and put my photo so I hope it will work out. Thank you so much 

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