I would like some feedback on my campaign

  • 15 November 2021
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Good morning, I would like some feedback please. I’m doing this fundraiser for Jose’s wife Maria that recently passed away from cancer. Ive worked with him for years so I know he’s being going thru a really hard time. I don’t have a picture of his wife so how can I make my fundraiser successful to help with the funeral? Any advice?

thank you

1 reply

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That’s kind of you to want to help in this way @Ricardo Gutierrez. I took a look and you did a good job keeping your fundraiser short and sweet. If possible, I would ask your coworker if he has any photos that you can upload to your page. This will help to build some trust. 


Next, I would also adjust the title to be more descriptive. You could say something like,  Funeral for Maria Fernandez. This will help explain what the fundraiser is for, even before it’s been posted. 


Finally, you will want to share the page to your friends, family, coworkers, and your coworker’s network. Anyone who had a relationship with Maria, should see this page. 

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