In the midst of my first fundraiser - simultaneously encouraging and discouraging!

  • 23 November 2021
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If anyone has comments on how to improve my fundraiser, I’m all ears!

This is my first time trying to use GoFundMe.  I’ve been extremely encouraged by the support its gotten!  It’s kind of amazing!  I’m also a little discouraged, if I’m being honest, by how far we still have to go.   

I imagine most fundraisers get most of their donations at the beginning, when you reach all your contacts all at once, and then they slow down.  That’s what I’m seeing.  

I’ve printed some flyers and will see if some local businesses will host them, but I’m actually not sure how effective that would be or how many will be willing to host the flyers.  I live in a big city and I imagine they are inundated with such requests. 

I’m going to query my local news outlets for a possible human interest story.

I’m even going to send  it to some celebrities.  Why not!

Other ideas/encouragement?

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Great job on your fundraiser so far @chartscharts 


One of the things I might do is take inventory of people you know who haven’t donated yet, who you think might be interested in giving and tailoring your messaging to them. For example, you can target a friend of a friend by asking your friend to reach out to them directly with a personal message. Basically, you can piggy-back off of their relationship, which will help to increase their trust in your fundraiser. 


Next, I would return to people who have already donated to ask if they would consider donating their next month’s charitable contribution to your fundraiser. If they don’t usually donate monthly, or if you don’t know, you can ask them to help you one more time to cross the goal, especially since you’re so close. 


Finally, it may be worth holding some sort of a small finale event. Invite people over...even people who have already donated. You could play some sort of a game, or have a dinner party where people pay for their meal. Something to bring people together would be special and might be timely given the holiday season. 

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