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  • 22 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Hey first time really creating I fundraiser can anyone look it over and give some tips

2 replies

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@Iyianna Kelly you’ve done a great job at keeping your story simple, and making your purpose clear and congrats on already receiving 2 donations!

My only suggestion is to include a bit more detail in your story. Do you have a specific car in mind you want to purchase? How much will it cost, and is that your target goal amount? When you include those details and more information on how the donations will be spent, you can build trust with potential supporters and they can see how exactly their donations will impact you. Good luck! 

Hi, I’ve created a fundraiser before but it didn’t do well and I really want to raise money this time. Can someone review my story and provide any feedback that they think will help me please?

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